Sunday, 22 March 2015


Aloha! I always love these sort of posts on other blogs so I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon and make my own current playlist to share with you. I am so ready for Autumn (ie. one season closer to winter and cold weather) and am already trying to wear jeans and jackets to uni despite the fact it's still really not that cold at all! Here are my current songs I've had stuck in my head this season so far:

My Silver Lining- First Aid Kit
America- First Aid Kit
Stand Still- Flight Facilities
Scar- Cloud Control
Yellow Flicker Beat- Lorde
High- Peking Duk
Bois- François & The Atlas Mountains
Somebody's Talking- The Preatures
The Climber- Neil Finn
Digging Shelters- Neil Halstead

Ahh I just love all those songs so much! In other unrelated news, I have started posting on my tumblr again, so feel free to hop on over and have a look if you'd like.

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, 8 March 2015


As a straight-haired gal, I could never understand why some people choose to straighten their curly/wavy hair. Since I was little I have always wanted wavy hair, however I was never game enough to try out a curling iron (me + klutziness + a hot object= third degree burns). So this is the little trick that I have found helpful on those days when you wish for a curly mane; no heat is required, and while the style falls out pretty quickly on my dead-straight hair if you used a bit of hairspray it will last a lot longer!

1// Put your hair in a high ponytail

2// Divide the ponytail into two sections. Plait each of the sections, so you have two separate plaits.

3// Twist the two plaits around each other to make a high top knot and pin into place.

4// Leave this in over night. The next morning your hair will be lovely and wavy!